Comprehensive call history request

Right now we have what can be best described as a “rolling” call history/log in phone calls. Say, when “A” calls you at 10:00 and then “B” calls you at “10:30” and then “A” calls you again at 11:00, you’d only see two entries that go like: A 11:00; B 10:30.

I’d like to see a complete log that goes like
A 11:00
B 10:30
A 10:00
as an option.


If you long press a contact in the call history and select Open contact card, or just select a contact in the People app/section, what you want is all there I think. It encompasses all activity, including texts

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That’s only if you have that number saved to your contacts. There’s a bug report about that somewhere, though. The history is still saved regardless, so as a workaround, if you add the number to your contacts, you’ll immediately be able to see every call and message you’ve ever exchanged.


This bug doesn’t exist anymore, @blam and I corrected it some version ago. I’ve just checked that it’s ok on 4.2.0.


You’re right, I hadn’t noticed, it’s working the way it should. Thanks!

Not sure if you all mean that it’s going to be fixed in the upcoming release? I’m running 4.1.0 and this is the behavior I’m seeing.

I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention when it was released in a public version. The commit is this one :

It entered the master branch in November 2020.

That’s probably not exactly what I asked for. I asked for seeing the entire ungrouped call history right in the calls log, without going to any contact specifically to look up their activity.

Ah sorry, I missinterpreted your previous reply. I was replying myself to @nthn about a previous bug not displaying the comm history for unsaved contacts.

my problem is, I save the new phonenumbers from the call history into one contact and the remarks/details of the contact call history aka activity is wrong. see attached image

My contact has 3 different phonenumbers, all details are different, but in the activity it shows all as Other - Assistant :frowning:

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