Component gallery app - more functionalities to the demo

The component gallery app is the default app in the SDK.

This app is really helpful to me and I read that others used it too, it can also serve of reference for many components that are little documented in the Qt website or on the web.

But I think the app is missing new functionalities that could help us to have a demo to base ourselfs on.

For example:

  • file treatment (opening a document and renaming it from the app for example)
  • Access to the camera (for taking pictures with the app)
  • Access to the microphone (for recording audio with the app)

I personally don’t know how to add those functionalities and there is little doc on it, even less that adapts to Sailfish devices. And sometimes the codes of others is too complicated to understand.

Is there any other module you’d like to see added to the component gallery ? I would latter suggest it to Jolla in the monthly meetings.

More examples is always better. But I somewhat disagree with the idea of adding the examples to component gallery. The component gallery app is meant to demonstrate the UI components and very little anything else. If we add all sorts of different functionalities to a single example app, it becomes difficult to see what exactly is needed for a single functionality. I think it would be better to have multiple small example apps.

We already have some other example apps in our git repositories:

We should add more examples there.


Indeed, different apps would be better. But, as I think we can all agree, the current demos available there are too little.

If you or anyone else would have a demo on how to select documents from the device within the app or interact with the camera, I could write one of those demos.