Compact phone device

Is there at anytime that SailfishOS will focus in small compact devices like the xz-compact models?

Someone has to produce small devices first. The only small thing in the market nowadays is the iphone mini. And i don’t think that it had so much success -outsell other iphones- to make the rest of the MFGs take notice.

Its a sad situation.


oh yes, I know it. But there are some old ones like the xz3-5 compact that are quite small, and they are Sony

If you can get your hands on a XZ2 compact do it. Its the smallest and one of the most powerfull devices that ever run SFOS. No official support on it but you can live without it.

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No official support (as of yet), but there are community ports for Xperia X Compact, XZ2 Compact, and a few third party smaller devices.

The XZ2/c/3 ports are actually very complete.