Community Meetup in Austria: gauging interest


I remember from the TJC days that there is a not insignificant number of Austrians in the SFOS Community.

Might we manage to do a get-together somewhere in late summer/fall maybe?

Would you come?

Which general area of .at would you prefer?
The obvious one would be Vienna, but maybe Linz or Salzburg is better in case any of the German folk would like to come too?

(If you prefer not to disclose your location but are interested , feel free to PM or otherwise contact me)


Myself I’m in Steiermark, but would travel.

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I would definitely come, I’m in Vienna. I think linz would be in the middle^^


Would it be okay for me to publicise this thread in the next newsletter?


Oh sure, the more publicity the better!


I would probably also attend such a meetup

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Although a Piefke I regularly visited Austria on a regular basis for some 15 years, first for professional and nowadays for private reasons.
Keep me posted and pls plan way ahead. I am desperately looking for a good reason to use the night train to Vienna. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

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I’m also in - Either Vienna or Linz.

If in Vienna, I envision taking it place at t the Metalab.

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Yes metalab would be a quite typical location.

Do you knowanything about how one can reserve/host such an event there?

I personally don’t, but I know (i.e. I have direct contact with) someone who does. Incidentally, I was planning to have a call with him these days because of another matter anyway, so I can ask him that as well.

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