Community meeting on IRC 6th May 2021

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Name: rinigus

Topic: Legality of distribution of /system and /vendor images for Sony OpenDevices


In the build guide for Xperia 10II, there is a phrase regarding distribution of binaries:

Please do not commit the binaries nor push them to a public repo,
because the license has not been determined,
thus they have to be built manually

Legality of distribution of /system and /vendor was also questioned by @sledges in the recent Community meeting (at 07:42:50,

In my understanding, it is legal to distribute AOSP bits as they are built from open source projects and, in the case of Sony OpenDevices, there are separate OEM binaries that are distributed exclusively via Sony.

So, to resolve the mystery around distribution and make conditions clear, let me approach the topic from another angle.

Namely, I would expect that the same limitations in distribution of binaries that include /system and /vendor partition should apply to us, community members, as well as Jolla.

Hence the question:

On which legal grounds does Jolla distribute builds of Sony Xperia devices within its Sailfish X program?

Jolla has a site from which we can download such binaries as well as provide them via RPMs downloadable on devices as a part of updates (mentioned in the same meeting and available via log linked above). From that, I conclude that legal aspects were studied and resolved. Please share that with the community, so we would not be confused about the status of the distribution.

Approx. time needed: 10 minutes

Optional: Not sure whether I can make it to the meeting, would depend on other engagements. Please post the reply in such case and discuss.

  • Name / IRC nick: poetaster
  • topic: Reusing Sailfish icons
  • some details about the topic: Apps often need very specific icons that are not readily available from the system (although the existing collection is pretty great). Most could easily be created by building on existing icons, though. For launcher icons, there is (was?) the “icon template” and “icon library” under CC-BY-3.0 ( Can Jolla please consider releasing the other icons in a reusable fashion too (say, CC-BY-xx together with vector (SVG) sources for best reusability)? This would make beautifully integrated app development and design much easier.
  • approx. time needed: 10m
  • optional: I’m representing ichthyosaurus - License of system icons / can we reuse them?

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