Community meeting on IRC 2nd February 2023

That’s exactly what the Nextcloud Phonetrack App on Android can do as second feature besides protocolling to nextcloud. Nevertheless this feature doesn’t work on SFOS cause Android has no SMS access. An it would be just useable proactive - phone off or battery empty will bring no results this way. But it would be a nice addition for sure!

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So feature request should include that a ‘last’ SMS and/or e-mail is sent before devide shuts down on low battery.

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At least the tracking part of PhoneTrack is possible via the LiveTrack app.

Yes, but without a chance of setting a sync intervall, no autostart… That’s why I think a system implemented feature would be better.

(I really hope of more nextcloud integration - why not adding Talk feature to messages like xxmp already is? But sure, that’s another topic…)


Yes, I was working on an app to simply reply to a text with position.

Sadly it died on the hill of the GPS not working inside or anywhere with weak signal.

Future question:
Talk about bootloader locking.
Thaodan said:

lolek: if the bootloader supports user signatures you can relock it with your own key to accept only kernels e.g. from Jolla but Sony phones don’t support that so far.

So the question is: What Jolla can do to change this, and how community can help achieve this?

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I followed the irc discussion, if we can find some examples of others implementing this it would give consistence to the suggestion to Sony.

This could also be a suggestion sent by the association.

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Thanks once again to everyone who submitted questions and attended the meeting today, and especially if you made it through to the end :trophy: Great discussion as always!


A little follow-up from the repo : [systemsettings] Support another ringtone for SIM2. JB#33820 by pvuorela · Pull Request #34 · sailfishos/nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings · GitHub (thanks to @pvuorela).


Ye, didn’t end up too complicated so just implemented that thing out of the way :slight_smile:


@flypig Thanks very much for the hint! Here is my feedback to the GPS issue, I added it to a GPS related thread.

From quick looking on the code it should be trivial to have this also for message.
I personally don’t use dual sim functionality but I know peoples use that feature as calls and messages are something that need difference. So you know if you can ignore it or not :slight_smile:
I have the patch file, how can I give it to you, pm? I don’t have GH account, no I won’t be creating one.

I’m not yet eager to add a separate picker for sim2 sms. Maybe wouldn’t be that difficult, but each setting adds a bit of complexity and we have already too many sound settings. Yet another one makes the devices a bit more jukebox of playing random sounds.


Well in this case it’s consistency.
Calls and sms/mms are tied to the sim card. So each sim card should have different settings. This is exactly the same way it’s done on the other dual sim devices. After this I can’t figure out any other different sounds that we would need. Please also keep in mind that it’s not that the second sound must be different as by default it should use the settings from the sim1. And it’s up to the user if he will want to differentiate. As I said earlier. I’m not a dual sim user but I’m using two phones and knowing form the distance which phone got sms/call I’m making a decision what to do. Hence I can imagine that the same will be valid for every dual sim user. Example, most likely he will want to have work sim and personal sim where let’s say that after 5pm the user reaction for the sound from the work sim would be slower than during work hours.

To sum this app, the main problem with the dual sim is that one have to keep in mind that it’s kind of a two phones in one. So when you think from that point of view, you expect that each phone can have:

  • different ringtone for a call
  • different ringtone for sms

SFOs can’t just give dual sim functionality in such way cause then it’s again not up to date to dual sim phones even from before 10 years. So a minimum has to be implemented.
And then figure out how to show this properly for the user but it’s another story.

As I said I have a patch for you, just dunno how can I give it to you as I don’t have GH account. I can paste it somewhere and you can take a look and do whatever you want with it I don’t want any credit.

For comparison testing Android 12 on Xperia X10 III there is no SMS/SIM2 setting. In fact there is no SMS tone setting at all, it’s using the generic notification tone. Guess you’re saying Android is not fit for dual sim and dragging 10 years behind the competition :slight_smile: Jokes aside, I’d still rather get more demand for features than guessing what someone might be wanting. And also the usage for SMS has been getting lower some time now.

For the patch, this cannot really be implemented with a single one. Needs changes to profiled data definition, system settings for qml, UI, commhistory-daemon usage for the sim card info on the notification it plays, either directly setting the file or the passing it on to ngd which would need yet another change.

I’ll check another phone when I’ll have access to it and will get back to you with this.

I know and I’m aware of this. There’s plenty of work to be done still but first, we need a good foundation.
After that we can do something. It’s like with a house. Without good foundation you won’t do much and it may even collapse. So this patch you made and similar patch I made based on what You did is just that foundation.

Ok, I’ve been finally able to check this.
Samsung Galaxy A41, Android 12. You go into settings and you can select different ring tone per sim card for a call and different ringtone per sim card for a notification (sms).
So it looks like, default handling of dual sim on Xperia is limited even with original software - shame Sony, shame.

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