Community meeting on 13th June 2024

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Copy from previous Community meeting on 30th May 2024 - #13 by PeegeeTips

  • Name/IRC nick: PeegeeTips
  • Topic: SailfishOS licence for 10iv and 10v - separate devices/licences, or considered as one?
  • Some details about the topic: an XA2 licence technically covered six sub-variants: XA2 (single/dual), XA2 Ultra (single/dual), XA2 Plus (single/dual). Given that the 10iv has been included after then end of sales life of its successor the 10v (and thus limited availability), and has been included mainly because it has near identical hardware to its successor (and thus low support cost), would it be reasonable to expect Jolla to sell a licence product that works with either device? i.e. there is a 10ii licence, there is a 10iii licence, and there is a 10iv/v licence. Justification - both devices are becoming harder to find, having a joint licence simply provides ease of mind that you can get a licence safe in the knowledge that it will work on whatever handset you can find that is still available to buy.
  • Approx. time needed: 2m
  • Substitute (optional): not available to attend - apologies
  • Name/IRC nick: Sanginteret
  • Topic: Old Sailfish OS Version
  • Some details about the topic: I would like to download old version of Sailfish OS on my Xperia X. To see what it was like in the past. There is an unofficial torrent repo, but it’s very slow. Could Jolla share an official archive of old version ?
  • Approx. time needed: 2 minutes
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  • Name/IRC nick: Systematics
  • Topic: Decouple the device encryption password and login screen password
  • Some details about the topic: Does Jolla planning to decouple the device encryption password and login screen password? A strong encryption for a mobile device is important. For reaching a strong encryption, a complex and long encryption key is needed. Passing that key one time at the boot is not a problem but for regular usage (unlock) it could be difficult. The Jolla Community Phone does not has a fingerprint sensor, the Sony Xperia does have a fingerprint so there was a “workaround” for unlocking in on these devices.
  • Approx. time needed: 1 minute
  • Substitute (optional): I won’t be there, but I think a substitute is not necessary for this question.

there is this bug report: Allow to decouple LUKS password from used Security code


thanks for the response: :slight_smile:

07:06:37 #info Thank you PeegeeTips for your suggestion / idea. Current one-time-fee
07:06:37 #info licenses you can find from For new supported Sony models
07:06:37 #info we will also have one-time-fee license (perpetual) but pricing is not
07:06:37 #info yet settled. One-time-fee license would still be bound to a device.
07:06:37 #info Thus, a joint license is not likely an option.

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