Communication Improvements

Jolla Team,

Your product is beautiful and fantastic, but the company suffers from a major lack of communication and transparency. Keeping your loyal supporters in the loop about what the company’s plans are, both in terms of software improvement and official hardware support, would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps this new forum is a step in the right direction towards addressing that. If you need a model of a company which is small but still realises the value of communication, look at PINE64. They make great products, are committed to FOSS, and are very open with what they share with customers, the community, and potential customers. On a side note, I think the PinePhone would be a great addition to the list of officially supported devices, and it would be nice to have a product where Sailfish OS would be pre-installed and not have a proprietary bootloader.


I fully agree with these considerations.
A little more information about which direction the journey will take would be nice for us users.
Using alternative devices is always a good idea.
I think this is particularly desirable in terms of sustainability and the longest possible use.
Of course, companies should also secure their income.
But whether the waste of resources is always the right way here?
In this context, I often think of a German company that is particularly concerned with sustainability:
These are modular devices that are also easy to repair.



WOW, quite nicely productized. Multiple sizes and important accesories like tempered glass and protective covers.


Jolla is owned by investors so all your wishes to get non-profit like Pine64 can’t be more than dreams. Please stop arguing about this topic. The only thing we as community could do would be founding a foundation that buys parts of Jolla. Until then, they primarily have to serve OMP and Rostelecom.


Never heard of them. Sounds quite nice…

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@oroesler: I agree: In the end, of course, Jolla decides what to do or not to do.
But why shouldn’t we communicate about ideas and wishes here?
Jolla advertises with the sentence: “We develop Sailfish OS - for you and with you”!
For me, this means that suggestions and ideas are definitely welcome.

I personally love to use things as long as possible.
For this reason, I also think it is advantageous if I have the option for devices (no matter which), e.g. to be able to easily replace a battery.
This is better for our environment and also sustainable.
The possibility of simply repairing devices is also desirable for me as an end user.

Still … of course I know: not every wish becomes a reality. :wink:

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Because Jolla did this in earlier times and it were mostly dead promises they weren’t able to realise so that if you ever would join a developer meeting the jolla community manager won’t make any statement that with a certain time frame. It worked bad in the past and that’s why it’s bad situation as long as Jolla can’t be financed and is part-owned by the community.

My wish isn’t for Jolla to go non-profit. In fact, I want them to be as monetarily successful as possible and communicating with customers is an integral part in preserving and gaining support. Jolla deserves a financial award for putting out a great product. My wish is for much better communication like PINE64. I don’t think this is unreasonable in the slightest.

The thing is that if you look into Jolla’s history they went bankrupt with this strategy. They made promises, tried to hold them which was impossible. Afterwards they communicated the described way again but never realized any of the community’s wishes and the community go angry. No they say what maybe can come in the future and what is totally out of scope, but don’t make clear statements anymore. That’s currently the best way to do it. Anyway, if you want to communicate to Jolla you shouldn’t write in the forum but open a topic for the next community meeting on IRC. There you can tell your wishes to the Jolla staff, but I guess most people there will share my point of view.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Jolla went bankrupt because suppliers on the Jolla tablet didn’t deliver as promised, and Jolla was put into a financial bind because they were over-leveraged. Communicating in a more open way does not mean promising the moon, rather it means keeping the community informed on progress on projects, potential new hardware choices, planned library/OS path, etc. It doesn’t have to be a play-by-play, but I don’t see how general radio silence makes any sense, even given Jolla’s partnership with and commitment to Rostelecom. A strong community sentiment means more contributions from committed, loyal coders, benefiting both corporate and private customers.