Commercial use phone?


Will there ever be a commercial use phone with Jolla?..
10 years since all this started and nothing happened!..
Said to be the best OS in the world and not a single commercial phone set for sale!..
Or will Sailfish be another Meego case - nothing will happen ?
Waiting for some concrete action, if possible!!!..
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Probably not, Jolla stopped making hardware after the Jolla1 launched. They are a software company, hence all the currently supported devices are not designed/made by/for Jolla.

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I think Jolla even bankrupted the HW side of the company. There was some news about it 1-2 years ago, but article was behind pay wall, so I didn’t get chance to read it. (This was different than the other bankruptcy state that the company was before that)


Dear Jean Pierre,

this seems to be your first post here and if I interprete your words right, you are looking for a Jolla made device with Sailfish. These are not produced anymore although there are -as others have pointed out- commercially supported devices on the market.

There did indeed some things happen in the last ten years. This was in detail pointed out in a presentation at the 10th anniversary event in Berlin on the 14th. The video can be found here in our forum.

Please remember to choose your words carefully and show due respect for the work of other people.


@jpthiran There are commercial phones with Sailfish OS but for the moment only in Russia.

The name has been localized to Aurora OS, and its without Android support. The question i ask myself. If you could organize a russian to get the device and sent it to you. If you would not break the law by importing a non CE certified device…

Am I misremembering the Jolla C, did Jolla just use a stock device for that (as seemed to be the case for the tablet, where there was a similar Android device)?

Good point. But that was a community device not a retail/commercial device and was manufactured by Intex of india, the device is actually the Intex Aquafish ~

So, to resume, there is no mainstream producer offering the phone and it’s not expected any large scale commercialization!..

In Russia with Rostelecom the russian government wants to switch all state used devices to Aurora OS (SFOS RU) this means millions of devices. This should give such a push that Sailfish OS would get bigger attention, from evolving countries as well as from the EU. As soon as the people realized that there is an alternative beneath Android and iOS, they might want to test it out. Until then we should have solve all those minor bugs to present them a pleasant user experience :slight_smile:

Aurora seams to me that will a Russian government atempt to control their population, so there is no chance there…Sailfish would be ok…I guess I will need to waiting until Sailfish becomes more commercialy dinamic and decides to put the software in a phone!!!..for sale!!!

You mean like Android and nowadays iOS? Jolla is just selling the base firmware, what the company or government then is doing with it, is not in their decision. I meant with millions of Aurora = Sailfish devices, the broad public should get attention of SFOS. There is just the question. Marketshare is calculated with sold devices. If the government buys them or also upgrades them themself. They will not appear in any statistic.Maybe in the statistic for phone OSes in use. We first need a foot in the door, the rest will happen itself. A good chance would be EU taking GDRP serious and supporting SFOS as a compatible alternative. But therefore probably there is too much lobbyism by Google & Co.

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Sorry to desagre, but Sailfish as everything to suceed, like Meego would!..besides there is the important privacy issue!..SFOS would get a huge part of the market very rapidly if it would offer a phone to the matket!..the fact it’s a company that respects privacy would lead imediatly to lots of clients!..that lack of action for me is totaly impossible to understand!..

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But unfortunately Jolla is out of the hardware business, so unless, Huawei or HMD adapts SFOS as operating system. There will be no preinstalled phones. I agree with you that own hardware would be nice and really pushing forward the OS, but for the moment, the millions of dollars of investment for that are not seen. What does not mean that there never will be a big investor coming and supporting the idea :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand why the main producers don’t adapt a phone to sell SFOS…there is no need for special investments…it’s just about instaling the software in a existing phone and see if it sells well…