Comments in Harbour dashboard

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It seems reading comments from in the Harbour web page or/aka dashboard never materialized.
It would be very convenient if it was possible to read comments on the apps you have published there in one easy feed. It would be better yet if you could reply to them there, for those longer replies. And it would be even better still if there were basic moderation tools (remove and/or flag). There are quite a few misplaced comments and butt-typed nonsense. Much less than on other platforms, but still…


and good to get notifications to email when someone comment your application


It’s all a bit crap. One thing that I did get tired of seeing, are the stupid, meaningless, spammy and sometimes spiteful comments, mostly pointless.

Where is the control?, why is the Jolla Store/Harbour thing so lame?, I made a bug report about not even being able to use the Jolla Harbour website via Sailfish Browser, that was years ago, nothing has been done about it. Honestly, I couldn’t careless.

I have one app in the Jolla Store, it has a few hundred users and a few nice comments/questions but not one single donation has been made - all in all, the entire project leaves a shitty taste in my mouth. No wonder most of the action is to be found at ~ a much nicer place to be, accessible and controllable ~ take note Jolla.


I’d really like to know how much effort and especially man hours (do read not man days/month) Jolla has invested in the store after the primary set up!

At least this is what they show to the outside world.
Tell me any/one point that has changed to the better…

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