Collabora/Libre Office Native App

Did not really find this topic anywhere else, so…

I am starting to use NextCloud and want to find close to the same features as GSuite.

Nextcloud can work together with Collabora Office and to some extent I can use the Android Apps working quite alright. However,

Since Sailfish has support for NextCloud accounts, it would be super useful if the Collabora Office Suite could be run on Sailfish OS as a native app.

Does anyone know if this is something someone is trying to do? Would Jolla be into using Collabora Office as the default Documents handler? Maybe a changed version that still can communicate with Nextcloud would be great!

Does anyone know how hard it would be to translate the Collabora Office open code into a Sailfish App?

Thanks for any input


Collabora Office is a web application ( correct me if I am wrong). So it would simply adding the stuff to an webview inside an app and put some functionallity in the background. But here the problems begin. Because Qt and the browser on Sailfish OS are a bit antique. I had the idea to make a wrapper for making a sailfish app out of a SPA(single page application), because I like to develop with Vue.js. Something similar like Electron or Capacitor. But the web backend stopped me try this at all.

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I guess. But like google docs there is an android and ios app. Do not know how it works.