Coincidence? Nokia and SFOS?

Looks familiar. Is there something more behind?

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A bit far fetched a guess if you ask me. That’s HMD Global which has been licensed from Nokia to sell phones under the brand.
I think back on TJC there was a question regarding a cooperation. If I remember correctly, that was answered in the negative

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Main investors in HMD Global are Google, Nokia and Qualcomm. Even though the image is almost the same or similar that Jolla used, I doubt that they would sink money into developing non-Android phones. Making a full open device program like Sony? Maybe, but I think Qualcomm would be in charge of that.

Nokia just oversees that they do not completely destroy their brand. Unfortunately the software quality control seems to be far off from the golden days (In terms of talented and passionate people who made the software, not the management).

Though, making a Linux phone in this day and age from reputable brand, could make some money since there are so few of them. Unfortunately, it’s just too risky without crowdfunding.


While i don’t expect anything from it making a non android phone isn’t “crazy”. Android is a race to the bottom. And Google is the one that benefits the most from it (Google tax on apps).

Of course the ecosystem is what drives sales -everyone wants to use the latest data collecting apps- but there seems to be more and more people annoyed by that (control of the ecosystem/see Epic vs Apple).

So who knows.

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What do you mean with coincidence? The fact that Nokia used an image of an aurora and Sailfish OS tends to use auroras in their marketing too?

Maybe I’m pessimistic, but I would say it’s a bit far-fetched to say that they would be working together. I would see it as two Finnish companies trying to give the impression that they’re Scandinavian by showing auroras in their marketing, nothing more.

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