CodeReader: Cannot use WIFI-Code (not supported)

Hi, I just tried to scan a WIFI-Code with the native CodeReader-App.
The code is scanned, then I pressed “open URL”, but I got an error message like “code-type is not supported”. So I couldn’t get into the desired WIFI-network.
Here is my screenshot:

Any hints to use that?

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Isn’t the wifi password actually in the url-like code? Can you connect using that?

These QR codes strings have S:NETWORKNAME;P:PASSWORD format.


I can try to use it on the next visit. With Android the WIFI-connection works without typing, so I assumed, that it would work here, too.

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There is work left to do. This is because the configuration of wifi is protected and barcode has not yet been adapted to it. Consider leaving a motivating message for @slava on openrepos… :wink:

Thanks for the hint, I contacted the author here: CodeReader

That’s not the current version, not even close.
And wouldn’t it be better to ask Jolla to put it in the Camera app, now that it has QR capabilities?

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Thanks. I discovered, that I could enable: Settings > apps > Camera > “Recognition of QR-codes”.

I took some photos of the code, but it didn’t work.

Edit: slava contacted, too and opened a new issue for the native Camera App

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Try BarCode | — Community Repository System

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That looks like the long way home… :wink:

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The naming confuses me a bit: the app/icon on my phone is shown as “CodeReader”, following your link the same app is called “BarCode”. More uniformity would be helpful.

The alternative was to have two CodeReaders in OpenRepos - the one abandoned by the original author and mine. I chose to rename mine.


Configuring a WiFi network requires privileges that a Jolla Store app isn’t allowed to have.

  1. Would it be possible to change that? When a user grant the privileges in the app, the Wi-Fi Menu could be opened.
  2. If not, it would be helpful, if the scanned password could be copied to a clipboard. So the user could open himself the WIFI-menu, chose the shown Wi-Fi and insert the password from the clipboard.

I think the clipboard solution is a good trade-off for now.

I scanned this code from the computer screen for testing, using Code Reader on Xperia 10 / SFOS, and content is displayed in the line below, but cut right. Tap on the decoded string opens a screen where it is displayed in full length. I can select and copy it and paste it into a note. Then I could setup the WIFI manually in theory…

Hmmm the string starts with wifi:.
It should be possible to register a protocol handler for it in a .desktop file.

This could then open the Settings app (or that wifi selection popup) where one can add a wifi connection manually.

Sounds doable.

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I can confirm that a desktop file with x-scheme-handler/wifi does pick up the not-quite uri when launched from CodeReader. I also found a thing or three about how the network settings avoid dbus when launching the settings app. Maybe swing by IRC and we can sync efforts?


Halfway there…
this is after clicking ‘Open URL’:


Congrats @nephros !
How did you come to the option ‘Add WIFI Network’?
I could only see the page like yours but without the options to add WIFI.

He’s hacking the QML :slight_smile: Yeah!