Code search for SailfishOS opensource apps

Hi there,

very often when I write my apps it’s helpful, or rather, critical, to look at how others have chosen to implement a solution to a same problem. And for that I use GitHub very often, but not all apps are on GitHub (thankfully) and you need an account to perform the search.
Let’s make a long story short, I created a Hound instance dedicated to SailfishOS applications. Right now there are ~750 repos (many are forks). The full list is accessible from the advanced search panel.

I hope it will be of use to someone!

EDIT: I’ve added all missing Chum apps :wink:


Thanks a bunch! I also spend a lot of time searching for solutions better than my own (and they are legion).


I’m not convinced any of my code should serve as a template for others, but hey - maybe someone spots terribleness and PRs it away, who knows! :slight_smile:


Amazing! Thanks! I already have a use case for it :wink:


It still returns other projects (kotlin?) when searching for WebView - but it seems to a less amount that initially. Are you also using a predefined list of repos?

Nice idea, thanks for doing this!

P.S. hmm km-shop or mobile_aurora_labs do seem to have aurora/qml related apps too. It is just that they also provide Android apps. Oh well, I think I can live with that:)

Are you also using a predefined list of repos?

I’ve scraped GitHub via its Search API for repositories using Silica, then I’ve added repos from Chum, and finally from GitLab, Codeberg and SourceHut by searching for Harbour/SailfishOS projects.

I’ve checked that all the repositories contains QML files and I’m trying to keep the list up-to-date, but since it’s hard I’m going to open the configuration file so that anyone can help me :pray:

Oh well, I think I can live with that:)

When I look for QML code, I filter the files by .*.qml.


It probably hardly matters but if that’s a regex then it should be .*\.qml (the first dot means “any character”, the second is a literal dot).