Clipboard hangs on vanha rauma4.4

OS VERSION: vanha rauma 4.4
HARDWARE: sony xperia xa2
UI LANGUAGE: italian
REGRESSION: clipboard hangs most of the times


i should be able to paste things but i’m not cause the cliboard on the keyboard gets stuck most of the times, and i can’t even choose predictions for the spell checker.
a reboot does not fix that generally, apart from deleting the clipboard, that is still stuck by the way


this happened after having installed okboard from openrepos but i’ve flashed my device two days ago so unsure if that is the culprit or not


  1. don’t really know, but i would say install okboard
  2. delete it
  3. see the clipboard not working


i expected the clipboard on the keyboard to work


clipboard is stuck, i can’t even scroll the list of suggested words


chum : yes
openerepos : yes
no patches installed and no patchmanager


don’t really know if it’s just a bug or some conflict, i don’t even know if okboards is relevant since i flashed my device (an xa2) just 2 days ago, so i guess mods can move on the appropriate section if needed…

I never encountered this bug with the original keyboard. Try to uninstall all unofficial keyboard and check if the bug remain.

Thanks for your report @247. This definitely sounds like a bug, but seems to be a bug in okboards rather than Sailfish OS itself. Given this I’d suggest we either close this topic, or move it to the Applications category. Do you have a preference?

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Ah sorry, it was a bug in the keyboard itself, so you can close it, unfortunately i don’t know how to do it with the sailfish forum app…

No worries @247, I’m happy to close it on your behalf. Thank you!