Clean up the store

Hi since i reflashed my device this week i download some app from the store but it looks devastating Under “best apps” category appears apps who doesn’t had an update since 3 years (lighthouse) okay maybe this is not crucial but webpirate from 2016 and as a broswer it’s let’s say kinda scary.
Or even better like the store app which is marked as obsolete.
Which makes things even more worse is that you have to extend the view first to see this information.

Is there any plan to clean up the inventory?


The way the store operates at this moment (read restriction) is practically useless. Most if not all users use openrepos and chum.

So until it reaches a point where most restrictions are lifted and community stores are only for wild, really experimental stuff any work on it is pointless.


Do you have any data to back this up? I don’t believe that at all.

As an example the SeaPrint share plugin on OpenRepos doesn’t even have as many total downloads (counting duplicates and updates) as SeaPrint in Store has active users.
Sure, there was an influx of new users when the plugin was published, but only something like 10-20% and i honestly think that is because of better visibility, at least more so than people ignoring Store.

No. No data. However thats my feel at least for the active users in the forums.

I have similar fillings as ApB.
When I am looking for some app I always use OpenRepos. Usually I don’t remember that Jolla Store exists.


i guess for most longterm users it is no problem to know about storeman and uses the alternatives.
But for new users it is a bit strange way to have install an alternative store to be able to install maintained apps.
Iam fine that not all apps are available in store but they should disable old ones…
To promote a broswer from 2016 is quite unprofessional. :thinking:

I have more than 10 apps submitted to both places. All of them have 2-3 times more downloads from Jolla Store than from OpenRepos.

Jolla Store is not quite dead yet, although it’s getting there.


You surprised me. So I was wrong.

I dont even remember where the ‘Store’ icon is, in my app grid. :rofl:

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Perhaps some are like me: if something is available both on OpenRepos and on the Jolla Store, I prefer to download from the latter so that I can keep the amount of repositories that need to be refreshed when checking for updates to a minimum.


This may be one of the reasons. And the other that there are a lot of ‘plain users’ of SFOS not knowing of OpenRepos or reluctant to install another not officially provided store (whereas aptoide seems to be accepted :wink: on their ‘smart phones’?

I do it the other way round and mainly get apps from OpenRepos preferred over Jolla Store if both is available (leading to higher refresh times, yes!).

Same here. I found quite annoying that I need to keep several OR repos just for that one app, so as much as possible, I get them from the Jolla Store, even if that means getting something slightly behind the bleeding-edge version.
On that subject, it would be nice to have a service that ‘consolidates’ all followed OR repos into a single ‘personalized’ one, but would requires additional (cloud) resources, i.e. costs.

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I would love to see a store category “Updated” where apps are sorted by date of last release.


That’s what I also do, I prefer to get the “official” version from the Store.

Hmm. I always look in the store first, too. QA is done in the store. If the build is really old, I check other sources. But then, I’m on a mission to make sure stuff ends up in the store AND get’s aarch64 builds.

Second the Updated category. Recently updated like in Storeman.


Have I got news for you:

(If I understand things correctly) it’s a single repository with all (non-store) applications. Of course, not many applications are in there yet, but it’s a start.


I heard about chum, but had no clue how to use it. At the github page I found a how to:

But this stuff is a bit to match for me. I’m not using a smartphone to handle things using the terminal. :wink: For me, as for other “usual users”, it would be great/necessary to have a gui. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway cleaning up the store would be great!! There are some many not working apps!! It’s better to have few working apps than hundreds of not or only 10 % working apps.

@luddwig27 Sailfish OS Chum installation

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@atlochowski Thanks for your extreme fast response!!

I installed Chum and the GUI. And it’s working. Thanks a lot so fare.

Do I get it right that all apps from storeman/openrepos will move to chum? Or is there still “need” to have storeman installed.

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There is no integration between OpenRepos and Chum at the moment. So if you want to use OpenRepos you need Storeman.