Chum and finding old version of packages

I’m trying to find older package versions, especially for Amazfish, to check if some bug is related to new version and/or to get a version which could work.

If I browse chum repository on OBS (here Index of /obs/sailfishos:/chum/ I can only find newest versions of packages. And there is no option to have older versions in chum gui either.

Is there some repository caching older versions ?

What about here…?

This is the root link where there are all rpm for every SFOS version, but when I check aarch64 for my version (the link I provided), it’s always only the latest version.

You are right… they all seem to be the same.

There is just one older aarch64 rpm at OpenRepos

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You can try to download artifacts from older builds here Workflow runs · piggz/harbour-amazfish · GitHub

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By nature of OBS, which Chum is based on, there are no archived/older versions of packages possible.

As you found.


Ok I downloaded an artifact I could test, thanks @throwaway69. Too bad it’s not possible to have archived versions :confused: I guess it’s always possible to recompile them.
Could not install openrepos version.