Changing the battery on the Jolla Tablet

I finally ordered a new battery for my tablet, but have no idea how to open the case, I took off the top and bottom plastic clips, removed all the screws there, but the rest seems pretty solidly assembled, and I don’t want to break this thing…

Anyone know what the next step is? Has anyone done this? Any tips very welcome, I tried searching around but didn’t find anything helpful…

I found this:

but can not confirm whether the information is correct.

Thanks! With this one though the back just popped off that tablet, mine is really stuck on and not sure how to get it loose or if there is something holding it in place.

Also not sure if this battery also has to have the pins swapped out.

What you have off is the back upper plastic piece… you also need to remove the front lower plastic piece.
Behind it, there are screws.

Edit: no there it is, under the other. But all the same there are screws on the front; have you removed them?

That looks like the same battery everyone has been getting, i.e. with swapped pins.

Okay… having test-disassembled mine.
You have 7 screws to get out, 3 black on the front lower, and 4 chrome in the back top.
Then unclip the white clips in the front lower, and run a guitar pick or similar between the screen and sides and it comes out.