Changing exceptions of a recurring event

I’m starting this thread to get some feedback and have a little brainstorming on exceptions of recurring events in the calendar application.

Some background about exceptions:

  • when you create a recurring event, and you add an exception (one of the occurrence is replaced by an incidence with different time or summary or whatever), if you delete this exception you end up with no occurrence at that date (this is the same as deleting this single occurrence).
  • you cannot edit the list of deleted occurrences. If by mistake you end up deleting an occurrence and you want to revert later on, it’s not possible by modifying the parent incidence.

These two points are not peculiar to SailfishOS, they are the same in NextCloud web interface also or the OpenXchange one. I’m not using Android, do anyone know if it is possible to do this on another system or with your favorite application (including desktop ones) ? In my personal use cases, I think it’s not convenient not being able to undeleted a deleted occurrence. For instance, we have a weekly meeting. On one date it is cancelled, but some days later, it is set again. It would be nicer to undelete it than to create from scratch a new specific even for this date…

I would like to change this and would like to discuss about the possible ways to solve the above two points :

  • when you delete an exception, the occurrence it was replacing could come back. I tested this on device and the feedback is strange somehow, because, in the month view for instance, you long tap on the exception and choose delete. Then, immediately after, the exception disappears and is replaced by the normal occurrence on that day. So it seems at first sight that you didn’t delete anything… And this is not solving the second point issue, that it’s not possible to revert a deleted occurrence.
  • I’ve tested also to add a third button in the existing page displayed when modifying a recurring incidence, something like “edit this occurrence”, “edit the series” and “edit the series exceptions” (of course this third button is not shown when there is no deleted exception). Choosing the latter open a page with the list of deleted occurrences for this recurring event. Tapping one closes the page and reenables the deleted occurrence. Efficient but not very intuitive…

Would you like to see this feature in SailfishOS, would it be usefull ? How would you like to see it UI-wise ?


I really like the second idea personally. Having a page that just summarises the recurrences for a given event would be helpful in itself (e.g. “Event occurs every Thursday.”, “List of deletions”, “List of additions”), but then being able to edit them from there would seem pretty quick and clear to me.

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