Changing Device/Security Lock using Recovery mode?

I have a simple request. I need to change device lock using recovery mode.

I know the current one. I am just not able to type it as my screen is damaged and one digit is impossible to input. I want to change it to a code that can by typed.

I want to use the phone as is. Mainly for receiving calls and sms on my other sim. So I prefer solution with little to no investment.

Maybe try using a (usb) keyboard to unlock instead?

does that work without any setup? I don’t want to buy a keyboard just to find out it doesnt work. But thank you for the idea. I am not sure Jolla 1 with SFOS 2 supports OTG.

No, the Jolla 1 does not support USB-OTG.

Doesn’t it boot, or why do you explicitly want to use recovery mode?

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It does but I have problem input the code on the device itself. The display is cracked and part of it is unresponsive

You might be able to use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Or replace screen first.

I just tested, USB keyboards does unfortunately not work on the decryption lock screen, only on the later ones. And only on supported devixes, i.e. Xperias, ofc.

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@leon, it is a Jolla 1.