Changes needed to merge the project names to Sailfish OS

if you know the maintainer, the most efficient way to notify him/her is to @ message.

@olf I am sure @vige is long enough with Jolla/Sailfish, but he can speak for himself. I do not know how you conclude he is new here.
I think you are over-driving a little bit the situation. Of course there is a lot of room for improvment, but the baby learns to walk. I expect they’ll gain speed soon and they must, because markets are changing and it would be a pitty to loose such a good product.

Regarding the structural issue I agree and I admire how these decisions are taken. I wish we could have the freedom to get a copy of the code so that even Jolla dies some day, we could still have the ability to develop this system further.
Why I am writing negative? Because I do not trust western politics anymore and it could be they shut down Jolla, because it is cooperating with the Russians.
IMO Jolla should keep it’s proprietary code on own servers and the rest should be hosted on some open source servers and there should be a way to automatically download everything you need to build the project, flash it on a device and start using it.
Why it was possible 10y ago and now it is so hard with all those fancy tools gitlab, github etc.?


Agree. And bear in mind that even sailors ping themselves!