Changes needed to merge the project names to Sailfish OS

Dear @szopin, please keep the tone of this conversation non-personal. I would like to get the thread back on track, get replies from Jolla and clearly understand what is going on with the infrastructure. Unfortunately, your messages are filling several pages already and it is hard to get to something constructive in them.

Please, calm down and consider deleting the messages that are not contributing to the discussion on the topic.


What I said is “significant contributor”

Indeed, sorry about that, apparently g7 is a major contributor, I’m not sure what way of PNGing his contributions from github will be ‘non-sided’ by you, but it seems like 10-15 lines of code in the last 3 months, not a main contributor to any of sfos packages, pls correct me if I’m wrong, he might be a cool guy and an awesome contributor, but neither a huge contributor for sfos, nor a BIG GUY FOR YOU. The guy “running away from Jolla’s latest acknowledgement” is neither big, nor interesting.

@rinigus This is neither personal, or non-personal, kabouik is selling a lot of shit that is not personal while he pretends to be the ‘seller’, he’s not, if you think pretending like this is OK, cool, but I do not avow

Perhaps this could be some reasons why Jolla is moving away from OBS:


As far as I understood, the reason for OBS removal is primarily legal. People are uploading whatever and Jolla may be held responsible for hosting illegal content or something along those lines. You can’t beat that sort of argument :frowning:

IMO it should stay around at least to allow outside developers to make reproducible builds of their Jolla Store apps. I don’t think my opinion weighs much, though…


@slava, I presume it is not an official reply and from your response it sounds like the reasoning was not fully discussed in house among Jolla developers.

I am not aware of anyone pushing something illegal at OBS. I presume we are talking about Android binary blobs here. Or anything else?

Again, if it is for legal reasons, those have to be stated and not plastered over by something irrelevant. When we get the reasons behind considering closure of OBS, we can start the discussion regarding it and how to find the solution that would work for the all parties involved.


Just conspiracy theory: Last year I saw increased amount of attacks to build environments and other internal systems in various technology companies. When such attack is successful, you have to shut down such environment and don’t release details until investigation ends.


I’ve created a separate topic of the OBS shut down and next steps I’ve tried to describe the rationale behind the decision. Please use that thread for ideas, questions and discussion related to this topic.


The mer wiki ( also seems to be regularly down. Is this also because of this change? Parts of the merwiki contained useful information, such as the current community adaptations, information about how Spectacle works and such.

If this is related to this topic, are there plans to make the content of the wiki available once again, albeit on its original location or somewhere else?


wow, wiki with table was really shut down? Are you…? Can’t believe this.

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There’s just a problem with the disks on the machine hosting the wiki. I’ll try and get it back up ASAP.


aaaaand it’s back up


There’s a typo in your link - the word “project” should have an ‘r’ in it. So don’t be surprised if the site seems to be down if you try to follow your link :wink:


Is there some time plan for migration to ? I would like to send some patches to connman, but I don’t have account at

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You can ask @lbt on IRC (#mer or #sailfishos on Freenode) if you would like to have one there.


I don’t think we have any time plan for the migration - please don’t wait for that to happen if you have patches to send.