[changelog] Verla 4.2.0

This post contains the detailed changelog entries of Sailfish OS update compared to
OS update will be published on week 37/2021.

Changelog_from_4.1.0.24_to_4.2.0.21.md (150.6 KB)

Changelog_from_4.1.0.24_to_4.2.0.21.final.txt (150.7 KB)

The corresponding release notes are here: [Release notes] Verla 4.2.0


Thanks for the compiled and sorted changelog of all updated files. I appreciate that.

One small glitch: The markdown file should have the .md extension to be opened directly in the browser.

I wonder that my reply is on a two months old topic already. The changelog has been brewing a lot :wink:

Thank @jovirkku to provide a .md file, as mentioned by @Vieno , but you may have put the wrong link. The two links, the .txt and the .md ones are identical.

Try now.

The Forum upload is a bit tricky. I tried to change the date of the file, rename it (resulting in stupid “final.v2”) and then add a new line to the file. Then, I removed all attachments and attached the new .md file first. That helped.

  • If somebody knows better how to use the upload utility, please let me know.