Change Terminal app colours?

Is it possible to change the background and text colours?

The default colours are hardcoded and you’d need to build and install your own version of Fingerterm to change them I think.

However, you can do the usual terminal colouring things. For example, this will set the command prompt (and any text following it) to green:

export PS1="\033[32m\033[49m[\u@\h \W]\$ "

Breaking this down:

\033[ set colour.
[32m foreground green.
[49m background default.
\u replaced with username.
\h replaced with hostname.
\W working directory leafname.

I’m certain someone will have better ideas for how to do this, but if you dig around online you’ll find more information; I got this info from here:

I’d add that the ability to change the colours through the Fingerterm UI would be a really nice feature, so please do feel free to create a feature request (or even better, a PR!) if you think it’s worth having.

Also, depending on which shell, prompt, pager, environmental variables, and external programs you use… (showing OhMyZsh, Starship prompt, exa, nnn)…

Toeterm by @direc85 has a couple of theme options which change text and bg, but not customizeable… Maybe he can help.

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@flypig I’ve just tried the export PS1="\033[32m\033[49m[\u@\h \W]\$ " command, and yes it works well, thank you. I’ll see if I can find a way to make the changes persistent.

@ Levone1 I’ve just installed ToeTerm, now I just need to figure out the settings.

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There’s a little glow dot at the top right. Tap it and go to Settings

ToeTerm indeed supports changing terminal colors, but not via UI. There are theme files, e.g. color theme files in ~/.config/ToeTerm/ which you can edit using the text editor of your choise. I plan to add functionality to edit the colors via the settings page, but for now, one has to edit the files by hand.

At least with busybox, you can save the PS1 env var in ~/.profile, that’s what I use. (fish is another story altogether :slight_smile: )


@direc85 Thanks for clarifying the theme location. I found the color definitions inside the theme files on github this afternoon, but wasn’t sure where they would be located in the deployed app. ToeTerm is a top contender in my quest to create a distraction-free writing experience using nano.

Slightly off-topic, but the default terminal app (Fingerterm?) doesn’t handle nano very well on my Gemini device. Using backspace makes the cursor jump all over the place. Toeterm doesn’t have this problem :slight_smile:


I have noticed some strange behaviour with characters not appearing correctly in fingerterm. I also noticed that such bdbaviour only happens with particular font sizes.

Nice to hear ToeTerm works well :). Fingerterm doesn’t support backtab in this version, that’s why it messes up long lines in nano. I submitted a fix for it, and it should be included in the next release.

There are still ANSI sequences that are not supported, which may contribute on your missing characters issue. If you find a repeatable way to reproduce the issue, I’d appreciate a new issue in GitHub. Thanks!