Change password for internet sharing

is there anyone that can tell me howto change the password for the internet sharing??

It’s right there in the internet sharing menu in settings… or isn’t it working?

it doesnt work. it just alloweds me to see it. It also says that is a WPA pre-shared key

Seems to work for me.
Are you by any chance setting a very short password?

Colloquially known as (one type of) “WiFi password”. (Pre-shared with your users, still set by you)
I believe there is a minimum length of 8 in that standard.

how could I do that, the vert?

I got really confused with what you meant with “vert”, and it turned out it was based on me mistyping “very”.
Were you trying to set a password shorter than 8 characters?

i am not able to write any password at all.

You can only change the password while Internet Sharing is disabled.


thanks thanks thanks…how could be so hard to find it out?! thanks again