Change account icons

Hi All,

I was able to change the account icon of yahoo in the email app with ag-tool, but I cannot do the same in the Settings/Accounts page. Could anybody help me how to change it, please?

Thank you!

I believe you will have to edit some files in


Those are XML files and have an <icon> tag.

Thank you, it’s a good idea!

However, there’s no yahoo mail service (or provider). If I change the icon in the generic email.provider, then the real generic mail account’s icon will change also.

Maybe I should create a complete set of files (provider and account) for yahoo mail services. But I don’t know the relation of these files, and I don’t know if they are registered somewhere else in the system to be offered on the accounts page.

I’ve played around these files under /usr/share/accounts (tried to create a yahoo mail service/provider), but finally screwed up everything. Fortunately I made a backup before I started. :wink:

Anyway, I got the yahoo icon in email app, and I’m quite happy with that. It’s not worth the trouble to make the same under settings/accounts.

Thank you for the help!