Cellular protocol logging with Sailfish OS

Is anyone interested in Cellular (GSM/UMTS/LTE) protocol logging with Sailfish OS?
As you may or may not know, the Qualcomm debug interface is well-enough reverse-engineered so that it can be convinced to spit out protocol logs for what your device is doing on the network.

Without a project or a specific issue to troubleshoot, this is not something i can really get motivated to spend a lot of time on. But perhaps someone else has a really killer use-case for this…

There are at least two options to make this happen, QCSuper and scat, but neither quite works out of the box with SailfishOS.

I have some hacks here to get QCSuper working at all, but it isn’t particularly pretty:

Actual protocol decoding and analysis is done in Wireshark. I got the impression that the decoding there isn’t perfect, but it is quite good. Or maybe QCSuper is tripping it up, i don’t know.


Yes very interested!!! Thanks for this idea!

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I would love to maybe get notified if there is a new combination of gsm cell and location data or in other words a very strong base station suddenly provides very exclusive services.