Cellular Network Suddenly Not Working

Suddenly today I can get no cell signal. the icon with the “bars” is grey, and never connects, never shows ‘4g’, etc. Nothing, mo matter how many times I reboot, toggle airplane mode, etc. I’ve been using it for months without issues, and was using it for most of the day today without issues, then at one point I looked and saw no signal, and ot never came back no matyer what I do.

  • csd test shows sim pass, and indicates no issue
  • cellular network settings shows Internet/WebConnect enabled, but it’s greyed out, and I can’t do anything to it
  • my first suspicion was that the sim had bit the dust, but I tested with another sim that is working in a different phone, and same result
  • I’ve reset network settings to default, and experimented with alternative apn settings, etc.

What could be happening? Hardware failure suddenly?

Update - suddenly fixed after about 3 hours. I was hesitant to call it a bug report, (initially posted in general), thinking maybe it was some hw issue, but seems like it was actually buggy…