Cellular network not working on XA2 Ultra Rokua (even after re flashing)

BUILD ID: (Rokua)

A while ago I upgraded my XA2 Ultra device to the latest Sailfish OS version Rokua. Unfortunately the cellular network doesn’t work while internet over wifi does. After reinstalling the OS, the problem remains. Even doing a re flash from Android didn’t solve the issue. In the settings under cellular network, the on/off button fluctuates in connecting and connected. Internet over both connections work fine on Android. This left me in a desperate state, because after long searching for a possible solution, I haven’t found it yet. I am looking forward to any solution.

Is it only the data that does not work?
Have you tried switching bettwen “prefer 4G/LTE” to 3G or 2G?
Did you check the APN settings? Are they correct?

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Thanks for your fast response and solution to the problem! The fix was just changing the APN settings. This could have prevented a lot of headache! For those using KPN as telecom provider in the Netherlands, by setting the APN to “portalmmm.nl” will likely do the trick. Strange that this happened after doing the update Rokua.


I had exactly the same problem. And changing Protocol from Dual to IP was my solution - Settings->Mobile network->Data access point->Protocol IP.

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Sounds a bit like

This needs definitely more votes!

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