Cell Broadcast alerts (Germany)

Germany is about to introduce a somewhat proprietary Cell Broadcast based alert system (DE-Alert). Support has been incorporated into recent Android/iOS releases. In order to support older devices, an additional alert will be send on CB ID 919. Current specifications can be found here: Bundesnetzagentur - ÖffentlicheSicherheit - Öffentliche Warnungen - Technische Richtlinie nach § 164a TKG

A first test of the system is scheduled for Dec. 8, 2022. Will SailfishOS display the alert or do we have to configure anything manually, e.g. CBID919 (and how to achieve that?).
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Probably somehow.
The designated channel for the upcoming alert service is a 4-digit number, which is an extension to the previous 3-digit numbering system.
However, as I stated before, an additional 3-digit channel was announced later in order to support older mobile phones.
Thus, the original ofono functionality would also be fine if there only was a functionality in SfOS to set channels at all (and eventually display CB messages).


So, no warning for us. :scream:

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Haha, at least I’m lucky since there are still sirens in my area😂
Mobile alerts would of course be nice to have, nevertheless.

So i have my silence like i choose SailfishOS. No more annoying ads., finally! :laughing:

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It seems to work


Can’t confirm (yet?).

And yes: I am aware that a pre-test was scheduled for today, 4 pm.

How comes you already received this, I thought they would start the test only beginning 8th of december?
Is this a SMS?

It doesn´t appear in the Messages-App. I´m using an patched Sony Xperia X Compact with the official X-License/Image. Maybe the Provider/Cell knows that this Smartphone is old/use old standards and that´s the reason only i get it, while the most of my coworkers have the latest sh*t Smartphones.

I didn’t receive this message on my 10ii either. Was this (pre-)test maybe limited to your region?

It seems so plus that important hint in the text “If you receive this message, your smartphone may not have the latest software version” which can mean the underlying “android drivers” or it just don´t know SailfishOS in general, don´t know.

But at least i got this Test-Warning what finally working.

I´m located in Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia) in short: NRW.
I received this Message when i was in Münster/Wolbeck. (Eastern Part of Münster/Germany).

The Xperia 10ii is listed as a compatible device on the bbk site from your screenshot, maybe they do an IMEI check or something? Anyways, I’m curious what will happen in December:)

Is there a chance with Xperia 10 and Volla to make this work? Is any special app or registration needed?

Sorry meased up the link.
More info here:

Seems to work with 10 III and Vodafone Germany


on Gigaset GS5 too with Vodafone Germany

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It seems we won’t miss the apocalypse again. @black77



This seems to be a regular SMS from your service provider, I am not sure that it confirms that you are actually able to receive warnings via cell-broadcast. At least the German text is ambiguous. Rough translation: “Hello! You can/could receive test warnings at the warning day on the 8th of December. More Information: […] Greetings, […]”

(The SMS from a different provider linked to Cell Broadcast | Telekom Hilfe and was phrased more generally.)

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