CAT S42, S52 or S62 PRO & Sailfish?

Is there anyone who has experience of installing and using Sailfish on a CAT Smartphone?
What are the challenges? What works well? What works less well?

I need a “Rugged phone” that is at least MIL-STD-810G compliant. Only IP68 compliancy is not enough.



(For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about here are the specs for all 3 of them.)

These are relatively rare handsets so i doubt anyone tried to port sailfish on them.

In short unless someone ports sailfish on them -which is quite a task- forget about it.

Yes, I know they are rare, but there might be others like me who really need a MIL-STD-810G phone and have tried it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

I used a non-smartphone CAT phone before I got my first smartphone and it was great from a durability point of view. My first smartphone, a Sony Xperia with Sailfish, just hasn’t managed life with me very well.
My hands don’t work very well and I tend to dropp things and my phone gets dropped a couple of times a week. Needless to say that the phone is mostly not dropped onto a clean or water puddle free surface, let alone a soft.
I was hoping that a casing that was shock absorbing and extra screen protection glass would to the trick, but unfortunately that has not been the case. :disappointed:

I can recommend a rugged cas, for ex. from Love mei. I have one for the X10pro, it is IP7 and really undestructable.

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Thanks, but I don’t think it will do the job. frowning:

My phone looks ok on the outside, some small damages but nothing major, it is the inside that is broken. I.e. microphone, the plugg for headphones, usb port, etc, etc, etc works proly and get a little bit worse for each dropp it experience.

Do the edges interfere with SFOS swipe actions?

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But this thing is huge. It has three layers: 5mm kevlar, polycarbonate and a thick 1cm metal frame. Believe me, my wife destroyed her Cat and her Blackview. This case is unbreakable, but reeeeeally bulky.

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So for those who are interested: I took a chance and bought a CAT S62 PRO.
Unfortunately it turns out that they have completely disabled the option of unlocking the bootloader so you can’t go into developer mode and therefore you can’t overwrite the Android OS that is preinstalled on the phone. Hence, there is also no chance of installing Sailfish OS on it.



You may have better chances with a Gigaset GX290.

A few guys already reported, to have SFOS running on a Gigaset GS 290. The GX290 is the Rugged-version of the GS290 with slightly different hardware-specs (i.e. Display, Memory).
But Gigaset released the same sources for both devices open-source-program.
So it seems most likely, that the port that runs on GS290 would work on GX290-devices, too.

Thank you for the tip.
But there is a big difference between a phone that is of “Rugged design” and a truly Rugged phone like the CAT phones. They are far from the same thing.
A lot of phones are called “Rugged” or are said to have a “Rugged design” because they have IP68 rating, i.e. they are waterproof and dustproof.
A “real” rugged phone, like the CAT phones, is also rated MIL-SPEC-810G (or H). I.e they are shock proof (in this case you can drop it from 1.8m onto steel without damaging it), they can handle extreem temperatures differences (in this case a -25°C to 55°C that occur in less than 24 hours) and they are resistant to vibrations.
Hence, a rugged design is not a rugged phone, and for me a rugged design just isn’t enough.
For now I have taken over my husbands old phone with a different OS, also accountless, while I figure out what will be my next phone and OS.