Carrier locked devices


I broke my phone and have to buy a new one, maybe Xperia 10III. I just read that if the device is carrier locked, I can’t insall the Sailfish OS there.

When buying a new phone, how can I know that the phone is not carrier loced?

Short answer: ask :slight_smile:

If you buy the device from a general electronics store, it should not be locked (they really should tell you automatically if it is locked). If you buy it from a telecom companys own shop, chances are it just might be, so do ask.


Thank you for the answer!

You can also check if the bootloader can be unlocked directly on the device, following Sony explanations at How to unlock bootloader - Open Devices - Sony Developer World :

  1. In your device, open the dialer and enter ##7378423##** to access the service menu.
  2. Tap Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status . If Bootloader unlock allowed says Yes , then you can continue with the next step. If it says No , or if the status is missing, your device cannot be unlocked.
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