Cargo Dock apk support

So, yesterday needed to install an apk i had previously downloaded and went to my beloved Cargo Dock to do that, so opened the app, tapped the file and… nothing happened

No problems with the integrated file manager

Now, it has been a long time since i needed an android app so can’t remember

It really was always this way or something broke after some update?

Thank you

I think you need to manually disable sandboxing for Cargo Dock,
and/or use the pulley menu to “Open” file in CD.

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sandboxing is already disabled otherwise couldn’t access the sd card, but when i tap on open, nothings happens

And you also enabled ‘Untrusted software’ in settings? Because it works flawless on my X10III.

It was already enabled

Anyway now it’s suddenly working, don’t know how, so i guess we can close this one

Thank you for your kindness in trying anyway