CardDAV address labels

my openXchange account (and nextCloud too) and my XA2 are using labels for address fields. The labels are fixed and thy can’t be changed. However, they are not the same. To make things a bit complicated, my OSX adress book allows user defined labels.

Now if a adress is synced to SailfishOS from openXchange (label weitere Anschrift), it appears in Sailfish as label adress, other, but after the next sync it will show up in openXchange with label x-other and in my desktop adress book it started wit label andere and after sync this will show label x-other

If I put a user defined label on a phone number, this number will even disappear after sync.

email adresses seem to duplicate when syncing: original was Arbeit: and Sync adds x-other: so I have now two same e-Mail adresses in my database but SailfishOS showing only one: other:

There seems quite a mess with uncoordinated, app-defined labels not working well together and user-defined labels making things even worse.

My hosting service was not helpful, they say everything is in harmony with cardDAV standards. NextCloud does not look that much better at first try, wilst my desktop apps allow user-defined labeling and still offer dardDAV syncing.

Why do many apps not allow individualzed field labels? Why not SailfisOS? Why happen conflicts even when syncing only app-defined labels (which are different per app of course) How comes fields with individualized labels can disappear?


How did you get Nextcloud CardDAV working with macOS? (I know, it’s off-topic here, but I can’t get that working for years now… Perhaps you can send me a pm abaout that…)

yes, actually the nextcloud runs on the server which is probably a linux machine. My OSX computer is a client accessing currently only PIM data, which is not much a challenge.