Can't set Device for 3.4 Kit

Just did a new install (a bit of a pain) and manged to get what I believe (completed install, offline installer) is a proper install. All the vms work and compiles work.

But running won’t work because I can’t set the Device for the 3.4 Kit to the Emulator. Click on it and it’s visible (and set as default for the 4 Kit). But it can’t be ‘selected’ and saved.

Looking at: ~/.config/SailfishSDK/qtcreator/profiles.xml
The value that is not being set for the 3.4 kit is:
<value type="QString" key="PE.Profile.Device">Sailfish OS Emulator</value>

For the 3.4 kit this is reset to an empty element on every SDK start.

Any ideas?

Maybe you are trying to use the emulator with a non-i486 kit? Sailfish OS emulator is always an i486 device, no matter what the emulated device model is. See “Connecting Sailfish OS devices” in Qt Creator’s help.

Ok, that’d be it :slight_smile: It’s evidently rtfm time.

Unfortunately I found a real bug while testing this. You won’t be able to deploy to the emulator, you will see an ssh connection failure. Latest emulator works, older ones too, just is broken. Please post a new question about that, I will answer and mention a workaround.

I’m working with a Volla (FP2 can’t be updated to 3.4 yet) which I can’t update to 4 yet, so I’m assuming I ‘must’ do 3.4 emulation. But that’s not necessarily true. I might get away with building for 4 and still be able to install on 3.4? There are no changes to the app (Fahrplan) where the os is concerned, yet.

I’m just thinking I’m being silly. I should probably just test directly on the Volla. What could possibly go wrong?

You can build for older release and run on a newer release(*), but you can’t generally do the opposite (may or may not work case by case). I.e., you should always build with build targets (Kits in QtC’s speech) matching the oldest release you want to run on.

(*) Provided that your packages comply with Harbour rules.

Ok, that sounds reasonable and the problems I’m trying to solve seem to be a need for recompiles.

I just successfully compiled a debug version of Fahrplan with 3.4 direct to the vola (via RPM) and it ‘just worked’ tm. I’m aware of other problems but it seems ‘just’ recompiling for 3.4 solves the segfault issues.