Can't seem to get to using sailfish os 10 iii

Hey, so I installed SFOS on my new 10 iii, and I just cannot get past the setting up / introduction parts… either the phone doesn’t let me open the lock screen by swiping from left or right, or it does not let me finish the tutorial, currently I am stuck on moving from contacts to home screen, and it tells me to swipe from left or right to do that, but nothing happens when i do so. Previously the phone just resetted the whole setting up program when I tried to finish the setting up with skipping the tutorial altogether to avoid this crashy thingy, and the phone just started the whole setting up over. Is there any way I can get to the actual OS

To add, I used all the materials provided in the jolla’s guide for windows.

Follow the tutorial to the end or close it by sliding from upper corners as instructed in the following:

Did not work but somehow got it through with a couple more restarts, and now it seems to be working fine

You are not the first. This swipe is from outside the screen, as opposed to going back in a multipage app, which is a swipe on the app. Apparently that is strange to some.

It literally did nothing no matter how I swiped and how far from / to. It was just glitched/bugged out

I had the exact same thing yesterday. It restarted midway, then didn’t respond to any input at the gallery part. Had to hard shutdown the device to get through…