Can't pay in shop, FastSpring seems unreliable

I just wanted to preorder the new Jolla Community Phone, but failed in the payment process (Tried Credit Card and Wire Transfer) with message:

We regret that your order could not be accepted. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance.

Of course, there is no contact link in the mask to ask for support (The UI designer and his supervisor should be fired for this), after some clicking I found the page and opened a support case with them.

Have others made the same experience, or am I just being unlucky?

I had same message when tried Credit Card, then tried PayPal and it worked.
I think it’s because of “exotic” user agent that trigger anti-fraud feature.

I tried three different browsers on two different computers (with different operating system).
I tried both card payment and wire transfer (I don’t have a paypal account), to no avail.
Right now, I am waiting for FastSpring to reply to my support request.

Maybe they reached already the 1000 orders… What a bad joke from my side :slight_smile:
I wonder where are the Jolla supporters? The 1000 orders should have gone before the end of presentation. But I see many fake ‘supporters’, very few puts the money where their mouth is.

I tried a company mastercard, private VISA, company bank account in NL, none worked. Then I tried personal bank account in NL and that worked.

No response so far from FastSpring to my service request.
I understand that Jolla can’t process the billing themself, but given the fact that several people are having problems to pay, FastSpring may not be the best option.
If a customer needs to try several credit cards and banking accounts, he may just give up before he finally finds a way to pay.
This gets even worse, once you are one subscription and can’t renew it.