Can't Make Calls, But Can Text

Xperia 10 II Sailfish OS version

I can text perfectly fine. Calls say dialing for about 45 seconds and then says problem with network. I have full reception. Cannot receive calls either

You might try using CellMon (openrepos) to learn more.

You will be able to see the signal level, link status etc as you make a call.
My issue is that a phone call shifts to umts/3G, and the signal here is very much weaker than lte/4G


Installed that. Looks like signal strength didn’t change.

whats happening with “technology” and “status”?
Are the Strengths changing during the dialing period?

Could be a provider issue.

Does your provider support voice over 2G/3G? If they only support volte you are out of luck.

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Thanks - it’s a good tool for working out that even though you’re on 4G, it automatically switches to 3G for calls, and then seeing how good your 3G connection is.

@svalmont - go to Settings/Mobile Network and change ‘Network mode’ to ‘Prefer 3G’ and then see how good your connection is using CellMon. Do the same for ‘2G only’. If neither have a decent signal, that might be your issue. As mentioned, there is no support for calls over 4G, not matter the connection.

Good luck


I experienced the same issue and temporarily reflashed android, did some calls there and flashed sailfish again. There it was not working right away, but after an hour of activating the sim, switching between prefer 4G, 3G, etc. and some reboots I was able to make calls. So I do not know what exactly resolved the problem in the end. But I hope this helps.

So I have noticed that sometimes when I try to make a call from the problematic part of my house I have exactly the same thing.

In CellMin, when I start the call, mode changes from lte to umts. status is “registered”

  • NetworkRegistration.Strength is 29%
    -NetworkMonitor.Strength is 65%
    Neither is changing. Phone says “DIaling”, but no dialing tone.

It seems that the ofono dbus reporting is stalled during this condition. Cellmon updates after the call times out.

Thank everyone for the help. I’m in a more remote area that I haven’t been before. Turns out they probabaly only support VOLTE here.

Although some of the carriers have backed off the “you vill replace your handset with a VoLTE handset by this date!” mandate, they are deprecating 2G and 3G signals on an ongoing basis as everyone moves to VoLTE/5G so this is a problem that is slowly going to worsen over time.