Can't make a backup to sdcard

I have used the same sdcard on xperia x, xperia 10 and it worked normal but now on a xperia 10 III it has some kind of writelock.
Now i can only read from it and not write to it.
I can’t store new photos on it or make a new backup. Is there a easy fix for it or is it time for a new sdcard?

Thanks Jens.J

It’s possible. Important questions are: Did the username changed from nemo to deafultuser between those? Is it possible that UID of the folders/files is different? Is the SD writeable on the PC by root?

I can’t write to it using the pc either and i think i used the same card on the jolla phone so the username has proboply changed. I had to go and use terminal to be able to “restore” the xperia10 III from a backup from my old xperia 10. If i remember corect it was notes that was the problem then.
I don’t know the right translation from swedish but it says something about write protection

Did you try to write it as a root user (Linux) or appropriate admin level account in other OSes?
If yes the card is probably not suitable for daily usage. Since you use it from Jolla 1 I would guess this is the case. It’s a nice quality of SD card firmware that it allows read access in case of write error over certain limit.
If no then you need to retest to get proper answer.

I only have one user on the pc and i’m running linux so i think that makes me root? I think the smartest thing for me is buying a new sdcard and scrap the old one becourse im not to smart when it comes to terminal and figuring out what is wrong. Big thanks for the help

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No, that doesn’t make you root, respectively. Most likely you have to you use “sudo” with commands to execute them as root. Some systems “su” is the correct way to become root (superuser). But on, i believe, Debians and such it is “sudo -i” or “sudo -s”.

On SFOS the right command is “devel-su”.

You can use “whoami” to check if you’re root or not.

I hope this helps.

That means i have to access the sdcard thru terminal and i’m realy not that comfortable around it. The risk is that i make more harm than good.

This used to happend to me too.
Suddenly, the microSD became readonly, even when I mounted it and tried to write as root. No way to format it either. Had to replace.

If you don’t feel comfi with terminal, you can also try disks, gparted, or another software to try formatting it. (after having made a backup).
If it doesn’t work, or pretends to work but changes nothing, I’d say it’s time to buy a new one.