Can't login to microsoft 365 because browser is 'unusual'

On sailfish X with microsoft exchange and 365 support installed, I can’t complete the microsoft365 login process because signin page responds with ‘Your browser is a bit unusual…’

Is this a known thing? Didn’t find it in forum search. Is there a way to make sfos browser more usual, whatever that means? Is this a bug? I have blocked a lot of ads and social media with Defender, but randomly whitelisting urls sounds like a shot in the dark without a hint
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I guess you will need an android browser, because urls from the app can’t be forwarded out of the android container to the native browser.

Did you try “Open in Desktop mode”?

Another weird thing:
The Browser-Info shows FirefoxOS and not SailfishOS, maybe for compatibility/license reasons?

Desktop mode seems to make signon process slower but result is still ‘unusual browser’. :frowning:

Is the jolla microsoft365 account service an android app? I haven’t enabled android app support… Is that built in?

No it isn’t, i mixed things up, sorry.

Could it maybe be similar/related to ?

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Could Defender be the problem? I have .72 on an Xperia 10 iii and setting up Office 365 accounts works fine using the stock SFOS browser and the Microsoft sign in page. Everytime I reboot SFOS all the Office 365 accounts get signed out (I have 5 of them for work) so I have to re-set up the 365 accounts mind-numbingly often.

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send mail to your support so they will poke Microsoft as you’re paying for this bad (Exchange) service.


Interesting thought. I don’t see an explicit “Access Denied” like in that bug – and I have seen that bug on etailer websites – so it’s a “definite maybe” as they say for this case . . .

It could be. I know I’ve run into that when trying to re-connect to my Onedrive account – I see an explicit “can’t connect to” error on the sign-in webpage. I don’t get the web error page when trying to log in to 365, but something other than the browser might be getting blocked, too. I hope I don’t need to fool around blindly with my hosts file trying to find what’s wrong.

BTW, onedrive and outlook mail access were both working sometime around August/September-ish, and I definitely haven’t changed anything in defender since then since it’s been broken for quite a while (since sailjail?).

Looks like all the defender hosts rules disappeared along with working defender UI sometime while phone was lying in a drawer waiting for volte and occasionally getting update but little use. So nothing seems to be getting re-routed to or anymore. Guess I can’t blame that, then.


But pinging and seems to show them being forwarded/cached/whatever by akamai, so that issue is looking more guilty by the minute.

edit 2:
I get the same error trying to log in to the 365 outlook mail with POP3 and also webmail interface. Sure looking more like Sailfish browser trouble.