Can't install Apps from local folder

Can’t install any App from local folder.
It looks, as if it’s a problem of File Manager (ichtyosaurus).

  1. Install seems to start, but nothing happens
    2: only the standard folders under android_storage are shown, but not eg. the folders of Threema

Crosscheck with Ghost Commander
I can install any App from local folder
I can see all Threema folders under android_storage

Hope that my information will help to solve the problem.

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Maybe connected to the last 5 or 6 posts here - File Browser support and feedback thread - #27 by Seven.of.nine


Have you installed the version 2.5.0. from Jolla store or v 2.5.1 from OpenRepos? Maybe try the latest one.

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Sorry about my late answer. I have installed “Storeman installer”, started is but nothing happens just storeman installer is closed.
Maybe I forgot the information that I use Xperia x
At the moment I live with 2 Filemanagers.