Can't accept android permissions popup

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): Every time
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No.


When an android app asks for an permission (eg. location) I can’t press “accept” in the pop-up I am only able to deny.
If I go through the sailfish settings → Apps → (android app) → Open Android settings → permissions and accept it there it works.

For microG accepting the system package replacement / signature spoofing in the Android settings doesn’t work at all.

Any hints?



  1. Install any Android app
  2. Wait for permission pop-up
  3. Can’t press accept

what happens exactly? The popup is on the screen, but when you tap the screen nothing happens, like it’s frozen or something?


Yes the popup stays on the screen. The “allow” buttons appears pressed but the dialog does not close and the permission ist not accepted.

The “deny” button works as espected, the popup closes and the permission stays denied.

Interesting … I’ve never experienced such. What has happened to me before is that attempting to open an aop from another app, (e.g. installing an app from Aurora Store and then pressing ‘open’), will cause the screen with the ‘accept permissions’ dialog to be inaccessible. I can see it in the switcher, but when I tap the cover, there is just a blank screen. I realized that closing the other app, (e.g. Aurora), will make the one I’m trying to access accessible …

For microG accepting the system package replacement / signature spoofing in the Android settings doesn’t work at all.

DrYak has a good post about getting that working

You mean that one ?
I can’t enable the signature spoofing in the android settings as well…

I’ve followed DrYak’s guide several times since he posted it, and always working fine for me, (however, I am not on 4.1 yet, so can only speak for 3.4 to 4.0)…

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No he has a much more comprehensive one. If I have a few minutes I will try and find it today.

One thing that stands out is 3.4 needs a symlink between /home/nemo and /home/defaultuser

Sorry you had the right post. I think you probably need the symlink piece. Stop AD, create symlink, restart AD

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Thanks! Unfortunately isn’t a section in the tutorial which mentions a symlink :frowning:
I followed the instructions (also the pre-requisits where I had to force re-install AlienDalvik) until “enable system package replacement” in the Android settings.

For me it looks like this:

In the tutorial it looks completely different:

When I go into the app the request the permission but I can’t accept it…
One thing I noticed is, that the tutorial what written for SFOS 3.1 but I am on a more recent version.

As I have said, signature spoofing will not work without a symlink. AD seems to be hardcoded to utilize /home/nemo. Symlinking to /home/defaultuser fixes the issue, even if it is an ugly solution.

See here.

If I ever would come to the need to flash SFOS >=3.4 I will make use of that to keep my habits and because I like nemo

I created the symlink with

ln -s /home/defaultuser /home/nemo

And restarted Android Support but I still can’t accept the permission in the Android settings and micoG :frowning:

I somewhat remember something like that. Go to the main checklist and touch each item. I seem to remember getting pop ups to grant permissions.

This one. Literally touch the stuff without checks on yours.

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Yep I did that. In my case the second and third checkmark are unchecked. When I press them the popup appears but I can’t press “accept”.

Do you run SFOS 4 or an older version?

That was fixed in 4.1.

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That is good to know.

Older version Sailfish 3.4

Okay I solved it… but a bit radical.

For that I completely wiped the Android support according to these instructions. (Developer Mode needed)

  1. Uninstall Android App Support
  • go to Jolla Store
  • pull down My Apps
  • look for “Android App Support”
  • long-tap it and select “Uninstall”.
  1. Run the following commands in Terminal:

rm -rf /home/.android/*
rm -rf android_storage

Check if the android_storage folder got deleted completely and the .android folder is empty!

cd /home
ls -lah

Remove the symlink if you created one:

rm home/nemo

Check if that got deleted as well. Before with the ls command it should have looked like: nemo → /home/defaultuser

After that I was able to follow the MicroG Tutorial.