Cannot transfer photos from Xperia A2 Ultra to Mac Book

I need to transfer (Whatsapp) photos from “Android storage” file to my Mac Book.

I have paired the Mac Book to the Xperia A2 Ultra Sailfish using Bluetooth, but there seems to be no method of actually CHOOSING and then TRANSFERRING the photos from the A2 Ultra to the Mac Book.

Likewise, when I use the USB data cable, and specify “Media Transfer”, I still cannot find any way to make the Mac Book “see” my Xperia A2 Ultra, and cannot find way to actually choose the photos to transfer & then TRANSFER them.

ALSO: The Mac Book can only be configured to SEND files TO the A2 Ultra, not to SEARCH for file(s) to download FROM the Xperia A2 Ultra . . .

Any help will be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED !! Thank You.

  • mehermuchacho

You can use WhatsApp on your Mac, either the app or WhatsApp Web.

Not very elegant but it works. Same for a USB stick.

I would probably use sshfs or sftp, the server on the phone, the client on the Mac. Very elegant but not so easy to explain.

Reason for edit: added ?lang=en to WhatsApp links.

Shukran and Merci !! This was the entire solution !!

I used Web Whatsapp (not installing meta on my machine.) The first time, my device would not pair with the Mac Book - but I tried again and it worked!! I have downloaded the photos needed and can get on with my work!!

Again - HUGE THANKS !!!

  • mehermuchacho
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I you’re on the same network maybe Snapdrop could be another alternative.