Cannot start build engine after power cut

As per my question title; we’re having a lot of wet weather here in Spain, as such, we’ve had 2 minor power outages. Both while I was using the SDK. After regaining power, I note that the SDK Build Engine will not start.

What can I do to make it start normally?, so far, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled SDK twice to fix this, there must be a better way?, as uninstalling SDK is fraught with errors and takes forever to uninstall, it’s quicker to delete the install folder than wait for uninstaller to fumble its way through what should be an automated service, instead I have to hit IGNORE or RETRY for 20 times or more…tedious is an understatement, why is this such a drag to deal with too??

Everything has been running really well up until power got interrupted, so what got corrupted? any clues gratefully received.

Are you using VirtualBox or Docker based build engine?

Hi Vige, sorry for late reply, more power outages. I’m using Virtualbox.

I am also using Windows, using the latest version of Windows 10.

With VirtualBox, you could try using the snapshot feature. When you have a working build engine, use the VirtualBox manager to take a snapshot of the engine VM. Then, if the engine gets broken by a sudden power cut, you should be able to restore the snapshot.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try later today.