Cannot recieve calls

Just installed SFOS 2 days ago and just found out I can not receive calls on either sim.No problem making calls, but when anyone calls me ( Thailand ) they get the “phone turned off” notice. I receive a “missed call” text almost immediately.

I also installed personal ringer off his git page, problem is I do not know 1) if I was receiving calls before that ( only tested making calls, not receiving after my install ) 2) how to remove that program if it is the offending issue.

Xperia 10iii, SFOS…not sure what other info you need.

Please supply a link to the git repo you installed from. Thanks!

Had I read the comment right below the link I clicked I would have seen it was causing this problem.

Once I removed personal ringtones ( couldn’t remember where I found it before ) and rebooted my problem was solved.

I now have functioning incoming calls.