Cannot install Sony Xperia 10 iii fastboot

So, i’ve finally got my 10 mk3, started following the installation instructions but:
i cannot install de sony fastboot in my machines (i’ve tried on two different computers), once the INF is installed, i’m getting code 10, cannot initiate.

i’ve tried everything i can think about, could not fix it…
i’m on windows 10

Image of the device manager:


I’ve tried the emma program of sony, and it detects the phone when accessing with Volume down (green light).

So, i don’t think this is a problem of ports or cable.

You should use a USB2 port for fastboot.
Or tske a look in the Bios if you can disable USB3.

You mean usb 2.0???
If yes i have a problem. Both my computers have only usb 3.x ports

The later models does not seem as troubled with the USB version. So could very well still be a driver thing.

There are no sub-versions of USB2.

You’re right was my mistake so i edited.

But if the ports usb version is not the problem, what can i do?

No idea. I gave up on windows long ago.

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You could check if your bios has an option to disable USB3.0 or you could use an USB 2.0 hub.

Or this regedit script, but apply at your own risk:


For me this is totally random sometimes using fastboot with USB3.0 works and sometimes not on the 10iii.

@miau , @attah

I’ll get today a hub 2.0 (i have one but only 3.x ports) and try again.

I finally could install the drivers and install Sailfish OS!
I’m leaving the site (in Spanish) that helped me.:


Thanks for the reply and good to hear that you could install Sailfish.

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