Cannot create /usr/lib/filename for output

I am trying to copy a file from one folder and paste it to another folder using File Browser. I am able to copy it and navigate to the other folder. When I try to paste using the drop down gesture, I get the error message at the top of the screen “Cannot create /usr/lib/filename for output”. “filename” is my general name I’m using just for this topic. I’m in developer mode. Do I need to set some kind of file access and how would I do that?

With File Browser, you are working as the default GUI user and are not allowed to operate with files you don’t own in some way. Files under /usr/lib are files that belong to the OS installation and people who move files around there usually don’t need a GUI tool to do that.
AFAIK, File Browser has a kind of add-on on OpenRepos that would allow you to do what you want. But as I stated, if you really know what you want to do there, you should also know other means of doing this, like using the terminal.


for me it looks like you should not try to do anything like this, because it seems you have no idea what are you doing.

Before assuming something wrong we would like to ask what your intention is.
Nemo, that’s your user, is not allowed to copy files there without escalating his rights.
There are good reasons for that.
So to avoid damage on your side maybe you tell us about the purpose of the operation.


I downloaded opensearch.xml and changed the name to duckduckgo.xml. I’m trying to put this renamed file into /usr/lib/mozembedlite/chrome/embedlite/content/ so I can make the default search DuckDuckGo. Sorry that I did not complete the pathway in my initial question and that may have caused some concern. The /content/ directory has permissions drwxr-xr-x. I just got into Sailfish OS a few weeks ago and am coming from Ubuntu Touch and have customized UT a little in the terminal. I have Pop! OS on a Meerkat Linux system and am learning about that, too. I flashed Sailfish OS onto my Sony Xperia XA2 with the Meerkat. Thanks for any advice.

You will need to be superuser to do write that file. Activate developer mode allow remote connections.
But please read up before.

for Browser search engine, there is an app by coderus on openrepos that does what you want.

For root access on terminal, you can use devel-su to get root permissions. Be careful with that!

I have the duckduckgo.xml in ~/.mozilla/mozembed/searchplugins/duckduckgo.xml

After that I am able to choose it as search engine in Settings | Apps | Browser

I did this a long time ago but still seem to work for me. It was documented on the together forum too I think.

Personally I don’t use openrepos which is why I offer an alternative.


I messaged the author of Filecat (Leszek) and he recommended using a cp command. For others just getting into Sailfish OS, I’ll try to use more steps to explain what I did.

I used the version of the cp command that copies a file to a directory. I went to Developer tools in Settings. I enabled Remote connection after enabling Developer mode and set a password. The terminal app appears next to the rest of the apps. The password that is set in the Remote connection will be used for the devel-su command that will be typed in the terminal. Type “devel-su”
in the terminal and type the password you set. To save some typing, I went to the Downloads directory where I had the duckduckgo.xml file. I typed “cd Downloads”. Then I typed “ls” to list the files there to show the spelling of the file. I typed “cp duckduckgo.xml /usr/lib/mozembedlite/chrome/embedlite/content/” but without the quotation marks. Note that there is a space between the “.xml” and the “/” here. I used “Filecat” to navigate to that directory to check if the file copied over and it did. Go to Settings again, scroll all the way down to “Apps”. Select “Apps”. Select “Browser”. Touch the highlighted lettering to the right of “Search engine” which in my case was the name of another search engine. Select “DuckDuckGo”.

This worked for me. If anyone sees an error in my explanation or can add to this then please reply. Thanks to everyone else that gave advice.