Can xperifirm and flashtool in linux work like EMMA?

Is there anyone that knows if the flashtool and xperifirm can do the same work than EMMA to reinstall Sony android in a sony device with sailfishos?

yes, and with more options. There’s also Newflasher,([TOOL] Newflasher (xperia command line flasher) | XDA Forums)… Depending on your end goal, Emma might be best, (if you’re simply wanting to install factory firmware); it auto-detects model, region, etc., and downloads and installs appropriate latest version. The others are better if you want something specific, like a different update version, or a specific region, or just certain partitions, etc

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My goal is to try to get back to factory firmware using Linux instead of windows.

Flashtool/Xperifirm will do…

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I am trying to flash my x10 II back to sony, but I cant succed. Dyou know how and where could I get help here? thanks

I had to use 0.9.28 version instead .34 to make it work