Can we tweak Browser to keep playing sound when switching tab?

The stock browser stops playing sound when the user is switching tab.

I don’t really know if it is a feature or a bug.

But it would be nice to be able to e.g. listen to music while reading the forum.

Is there a way to adjust this for the stock browser?
Or is this a bug that should be reported?

Thanks fot your sights,

I tried to change the values of these keys in about:config and restart the browser, but without success:



not only the stock browser, but also firefox in AD is doing the same, I mean when using youtube to listen music, FF should be always in the foreground, otherwise music/sound stops.


Oh, maybe Android Firefox does ‘lsten’ better to the about:config parameters.
Maybe worth to ttry the about:config parameters there?
I also tried

No effect on Browser.
Is it hardcoded?

I know almost nothing about streaming as I preferred local storage till now.

But there are maybe other apps allowing to play those sounds while browsing:
In example, this page:

Opened this age in a desktop Firefox,
Right-clicked on the Play Button and selected “Inspect”
A window opens in the lower half.
Selected the “Console” tab.
After scrolling a bit, I found this link:
I can now open this ling in Unplayer, under “Open URL”.

It works.
I can now surf and listen to this stream in parallel :grinning:

Perhaps possible for other sites too, try and report!

My hypothesis:
jolla-browser does not send visibilitychange on switching to another app, that’s why youtube continues to work when switching apps, but it does send it on switching to another tab.
(not tested, this is just a hunch)

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