Can somone take over the development of Tasklist?

i have started to play around with tasklist without knowledge of this thread. did anyone succeed ?

and: does anyone use tasklist with dropbox integration ? cause on my xperia 10 it does not work, gtdropbox is 6 year old so maybe outdated. so thinking of getting rid of dropbox support.

suggestions are welcome

edit: after removing qtdropbox i was able to build it but also did stumble over the localization problem

edit: just checked the installation on my old xperia 10: the qm files are located in usr/share/harbour-tasklist/localization folder.
on my gs290 they were just missing.
i have tried to deploy them to translation folder and use the classic localization pattern but failed sofar

i got a local version running in english on 4.3 :slight_smile:
currently i need one manual step to rename some files … once that is fixed i should be able to push it to open repos

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Dropbox had quite a lot of EULA and API updates in the past few years, it’s very likely an old library can not work.

Note that they also IIRC limit the number of API clients that are allowed to access one account, so that might cause problems as well. (And no, not limiting concurrent sessions, actual number of computers/applications allowed access.)

@pawel.spoon: The version you pushed to OpenRepos works fine for me on the XPeria 10 II. Thanks a lot! For me, this thread can be closed. I don’t need DropBox synchronization.

i will do some more minnor clean ups like removing the dropbox menu item and push it then to store and hopefully also to chum


Though Nextcloud (Notes) sync would be fine. But yeah, syncing is complex. I don’t know if there is any way to hook up in the existing Nextcloud machinery in SFOS?

Hey, is there some working version already in the store? Thx.

I use this version: It works perfekt on Sony Xperia 10 ii

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yup, thanks. i did not manage yet to upload it to store, nor chum

i did btw put tasklist to chum, so currently it is available in chum and openrepos
store is again an issue. i would need to upload a version 2 or somehow take over the ownership of the app in the store …

Thanks, I really appreciate your effort! I will try the chum version manually. I found the latest under testing → Index of /obs/sailfishos:/chum:/testing

ok it is in testing.only. my bad

but i can see it chum gui

updated support for my-backup made by slava

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